Unknown Facts

Engineering is one profession that has been there for many years. Research has shown that engineering is one of the oldest profession that still plays an important role in today’s economy. Here are some of the facts about Engineering as a profession:

  1. Started 2 million years ago

This profession started 2 million years ago and still play an important role in the modern economy. When I wanted to become an engineer, I had to research about the history of the profession where I found about the facts that has made it one of the oldest professions in the world. Despite its existence for very many years, you should expect that it would be among the highly rated profession in the whole world thus helping in the economy development. (There are many good quality engineering companies in my home town of Lafayette, La.) Continue reading Unknown Facts

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Types Of Engineering

Engineering is the application of scientific, social and practical knowledge in order to invent or have a design in building, maintaining, researching, and improving structures or machines.

The discipline of engineering is very broad, and it encompasses a wide range of specialized engineering fields, each of the field has a more specific emphasis on particular areas of science, technology and other types of application.

Professional people in the engineering field are engineers. Engineers can design and build aircraft through aerospace ,roads and buildings parts is structural, computers and electronics parts is electrical, machinery and vehicles is mechanical, agricultural equipment’s and processes is agricultural engineering .Without engineering techniques , the world would be a very different world .

Engineering has become a broad discipline which is broken down into several disciplines. These disciplines are concerned with differing areas of working in engineering. An engineer is usually trained in a specific discipline, in an engineer’s career they can become multi-disciplined. Engineering is characterized by having this four main branches:

  1. Chemical engineering – This is the application of physics, biology, and other engineering principles in order to perform chemical processes on a commercial scale
  2. Civil engineering – This design and construction of various public and private works. They include airports, roads railways infrastructure and water, dams bridges and, and buildings.

3.Eectrical engineering –This form of engineering designs and study various electrical and electronic systems, for example electrical circuits ,motors ,generators optical fibers, computer systems, instrumentation and controls,

  1. Mechanical engineering – This include the design of mechanical or physical systems, such as power and energy system and aerospace products, engines and vacuum technology.

Other sources vary on other main branches includes naval manufacturing instrumentation and control textile industrial, aerospace automotive electronic software and mining engineering.

For each of these fields there is a considerable overlapping , especially in the major areas of application of sciences to their respective disciplines such as chemistry mathematics and physics,.

Engineers usually apply mathematics and a form of sciences such as physics to find a suitable solution to problem or even to make an improvements to the equipment’s .Engineers are required to have wide knowledge of relevant disciplines in sciences. As a result, the engineers may keep on acquiring new material throughout their respective careers.

Relationships of engineering with other disciplines

  • Science world -Scientists can also complete engineering tasks, such as designing apparatus or buildings. In the process of inventing a technology engineers find themselves exploring new ideas, thus becoming inventory scientists
  • Medicine and biology- This is the study of the human body. An important common link between medicine and some engineering disciplines is the use of technology in medicine . It is used to sustain, repair, and enhance human body.

A Worthy Profession

Engineering is a quite tasking profession but it is also rewarding. This is because engineers have to undertake various physical activities in their work. Consequently, to be a good engineer one must have the necessary physical strength to handle the diverse requirements of this profession. Furthermore, engineering is also an exciting profession because it involves building structures and machines from scratch to fully functional object. This gives these professionals the joy of assembling various parts and making them into a perfect structure. However, this profession also has its risks since it involves dealing with machines which can readily cause accidents. It also involves climbing to high heights while working which is also risky.

The importance of this profession in the society is that almost all the structures and machines have a certain aspect of this profession. This means that without this profession most of the structures and machines would not exist. Furthermore, this profession is applied in almost every aspect of life since it is necessary to use machines on day to day activities. This makes engineering amongst the most important pillars of the modern society.

There diverse types of engineering with every aspect dealing with a specified line of work. However, all the engineers regardless of their line of work must have done well in sciences and mathematics prior to joining an engineering training institution. This is because training as an engineer requires one to do proper calculations and estimations so as build strong structures. While training as an engineer one undergoes through both practical and theory lessons. The theory lessons are meant to endow the students with various concepts which they then apply in practical lessons. The people training as engineers must pass both the practical and theory lessons so that they can graduate and complete their training.

After completing the necessary training and being issued with a license the engineers can opt to be employed or start their own companies. However, most engineers opt to be employed after completing training so that they can gain the relevant experience. Furthermore, beginning an engineering company is costly and therefore the young engineers opt to be employed for sometimes so that they can get the necessary capital to start their own companies. The engineers who graduate can be employed by engineering companies that provide various services to other companies and even to governments. These grandaunts can also be employed by companies that have departments that deal with engineering. Therefore, there are plenty opportunities for engineers to get employed after they complete training. Engineers are compensated well especially because their skills are specialized and they are the only ones that understand how various machines are operated and repaired.

While looking for an engineer or an engineering company to provide certain services it is important to check for certain qualities so as to hire only the best. Amongst the most important qualities that one should check include the license. This is because both individuals and companies are required to be licensed before they can offer any kind of service. One can also check the tools and equipment used by the chosen engineer or company. This is because the tools play a major role in determining the quality of services provided. One can inspect the tools and equipment physically to ensure they are up to standard. Therefore, engineering in a tasking but rewarding profession and one can readily get a good engineer or engineering company by checking the various qualities.


Engineering has been one of the most important professions in the society for a long time. This is because in almost every structure and machine built there is always an aspect of this profession. However, this profession has evolved and improved with time especially because of technology advancement. This has resulted to modern engineering being more advanced than the one which was practiced in the past. Currently this profession involves more sophisticated ways of doing things. Amongst the changes that this profession has experienced include usage of more efficient and accurate tools. These tools make work in this professional easier and the end results better.

The engineers who work in this profession have also been compelled to undergo more advanced training. Those who were trained in the past are also compelled to take refresher courses so as to understand the newer ways of doing things in this profession. The number of engineers has also increased significantly with more institutions providing this training emerging. The engineers who work in various types of engineering are required to be good in mathematics and sciences prior to joining a training institution. The aspiring engineers are also needed to be physically fit since this profession involves a lot of physical activities.

After undergoing the necessary training successfully the engineers are required to be certified and licensed so as to get permission to provide the engineering services. Most of the newly licensed engineers opt to be employed in various companies where after gaining the relevant experience they might decide to work independently or start their own companies. This is especially because it requires a substantial amount to successfully start an engineering company. Furthermore, building a good reputation amongst clients may also take time. People who become engineers are almost guaranteed of getting good paying jobs. This is because there are many companies looking for newly qualified engineers who understand the new technology.

Most of the engineering companies provide commercial and large scale services even though they also serve residents who require minor engineering services. A company must be registered and issued with a license to provide the relevant services. Most of these companies provide their services after entering a contact with the clients. The engineers usually supervise the work to be done and then estimate the cost, the material to be used and the time it will take to complete the project. After agreeing on the contacts the companies embark on completing the projects as agreed with clients.

Some of the most out standing engineering companies have certain qualities that make them stand out. Amongst these qualities include that they use the technologically oriented tools. They also apply professionalism in their work by honoring the contracts signed. Furthermore, they provide additional services such as advising the clients on various aspects of the projects being undertaken. They are also insured so as to avoid financial liabilities that might arise if clients’ properties are damaged as work progresses. The employees of such companies also wear protective gears wherever work to avoid accidents. One can get a good company through checking the outlined qualities. One can also get recommendations from people and businesses that had hired a certain company in the past. Reading reviews and testimonials is also an ideal way of establishing the competency of the various companies. Therefore, engineering is an important profession and one can readily get a good company through knowing the qualities to check.


On this site, I will be discussing different aspects of engineering. My father is an engineer and it’s always fascinated me. I think it takes a certain type of person to be an engineer.

Not only do you have to be very intelligent and be able to do complex calculations, you also have to be creative if you’re planning on doing anything more than just finishing someone else’s ideas.

I will try to talk about different aspects of engineering in general and possibly even expand into some personal stories from my father.

Hopefully this site can be both informative and entertaining. Maybe I can at least get one or the other, if not both.   ; )